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Multi-Vitamin Capsules - 1 Month Supply (120 ct)

Multi-Vitamin Capsules - 1 Month Supply (120 ct)
Our capsule multivitamin is the newest offering in the Bariatric Fuel line of supplements.  It is based on the formula that is found in our best-selling chewable multivitamin that was designed by our founder, a Bariatric Surgeon.  As with all of our supplements, it is designed with you in mind.  

Our capsule is made of vegetable fiber making it a safe, easily tolerated medium in which to deliver the micro-nutrition you need. It is designed to rapidly disintegrate once swallowed to allow maximal opportunity for absorption.  We deliberately made the capsule a manageable  size for those who have difficulty with swallowing large capsules.  Talk to your healthcare professional to ensure you are ready to take capsules.  

When you place your trust in Bariatric Fuel, you are taking the most advanced line of bariatric supplements available.  The capsule is the next generation.  Try it!  We know you will like it.
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Price: $22.50 (USD) excl tax
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